About Our Eye Collection

The eyes are the windows to the soul, as the saying goes. From subtle to dramatic makeup, eyes can inform entire appearances. While you may have a neutral eye at work or school, a loud and expressive look might be just what you need for the evening! Our collection offers the best eye shadow palettes and pencils that will become new essentials in your beauty regimen.

The Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil offers vibrant, beautiful color that will last all day or night. The best part about these pencils is that they’re richly pigmented, so brighter color stands out on darker skin tones. With just a few strokes, colors like dark green and purple will give your eyes a unique pop. They’re available in six colors and apply very easily on the eyelids. Some of our customers have even used these as eyeliners! They blend extremely well and can work great with powder eye shadows for a more complex eye.

Our Luxury Eye Shadow is incredibly crease-resistant, made of true-color mattes and low luster pearls. The eye shadow has a smooth, silky feel and comes in six color options. Two of these are dual color palettes—Mixed Metals and Bejeweled—for better variety. Pair this eye shadow with a Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil for a look that’s dimensional and striking.

If you prefer having multiple colors to choose from at once, we’ve got the best eye shadow kit: The Eye Con. Iman’s team of celebrity makeup artists designed and developed this gorgeous kit for her, and now you get to have that same celebrity treatment! Four Luxury Eye Shadow Trios are included in the kit, as well as two eye pencils and an applicator. From dark greys and black to purples and greens, the Eye Con will satisfy all of your eye shadow needs!

Creating a dramatic or simply natural eye can make all the difference for your appearance. Get the most out of the best eye shadow with IMAN. Our eye shadow palettes and pencils are great apart, but powerful together! If you have any questions about our eye shadow offerings, please contact us for more information.

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