Makeup Kits

Makeup kits allow for an all-in-one product that places our favorite products and colors together. Not only are these efficient, keeping items neatly together amidst other products in your beauty collection, but these kits have been expertly crafted by Iman and her team of makeup artists. Through trial and error, we’ve perfected these offerings to suit the makeup needs of any woman! At IMAN, we love to cater to women of all shades, and our makeup kits help showcase this.

Does your cosmetic collection have an assortment of eye shadows scattered around, with some you use and others you’ve tried on a few times? We’ve been there! What if you could have a singular consolidated makeup kit? Luckily, you can! The Eye Con Kit boasts four beautiful Luxury Eye Shadow Trios, and Perfect Eye and Brow pencils (one of each). The eye shadows are extremely versatile, allowing for looks to be created for work, nights out, formal events, casual evenings, and so much more. The Eye Con Kit was inspired by looks created for Iman by her celebrity makeup artists, so you know you’re in good hands. With the eye and eyebrow pencils, you can completely finish your look. Shape your brows with a fierce arch or simply fill in open areas for a natural look. With a Jet Black eye pencil, your eyes will pop no matter what color they are.

With rich, shimmering eye shadow colors, women of all shades can embrace the bold eye with these makeup kits! Women with dark skin will especially benefit from The Eye Con Kit, due to the inclusion of beautiful jewel colors like emerald and violet. Similarly, women with light skin tones can also delight in these eye shadow options, especially the Classic Smoky and Golden Romance trios. When applied, the brightness won’t fade away with time. On the contrary, our eye shadows will stay put throughout the day or night.

With offerings like these, we have one of the best makeup kit collections for all women. If you have any questions about our makeup kits, please contact us for more information and we’d be happy to assist you.

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