Medium Natural Coverage Foundation

There are many instances where using sheer makeup just won’t give you that flawless coverage that you need. If you want to maintain a natural, seemingly bare complexion, our collection of medium coverage makeup will provide you with a full range of products to achieve your perfect look!

As you begin your makeup routine, you’ll need a great concealer to mask imperfections like dark under eye circles and blemishes. Our Corrective Concealer comes in two great shades, Clay and Earth. This creamy formula easily smooths on and blends in to your skin. Simply apply with a tapping motion with the foot applicator or your fingertips. This can also be applied around the mouth and other areas with slight discoloration. If you’d rather not wear foundation, the Oil-Blotting Pressed Powder is a great option that works well with the Corrective Concealer. With a smooth and light powder, this product will give you a natural matte finish that will last throughout the day or night. It works to minimize the appearance of oil, so you’ll be looking photo ready at any given moment. You may be looking for a great natural foundation that will give the perfect amount of coverage without weighing you down. This collection features three of our best natural foundation products, each designed differently to suit your skin type and shade. One of these is the Luxury Radiance, which takes on a liquid form enriched with pigmented minerals for a flawless appearance. It’s oil-free, lightweight, and made with nourishing vitamin E, Açai, and magnolia and cottonseed plant extract. This can be applied with a brush, sponge, or your fingertips, and comes in eight beautiful shades. Another natural foundation makeup featured here is the Second To None Stick Foundation. This product comes in a wide range of 14 shades, from our light Sand to the rich Earth options. This too is an oil-free foundation that provides a long-lasting matte finish. The moisturizing jojoba esters, and vitamins A, C, and E will quench dry skin as well. Similarly, our Second To None Luminous Foundation comes in a compact as a sheer powder. Made with vitamin E, this natural foundation can be applied wet or dry. With a wet sponge, you can easily achieve gorgeous medium coverage.

As you finish up your beauty routine, you may enjoy adding contour to your look. Our Luxury Contour Trio offers the right amount of shimmer and color to beautifully define your nose, cheeks, or jawline. How you choose to contour or highlight is up to you! This product is uniquely designed for skin of color, so even women of the deepest shades can elegantly add definition to their faces.

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