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How do I know what shade of IMAN Cosmetics to wear?

Are IMAN Cosmetics only for “Women of Color”?

How can I learn about product use/application?

How can I find out what ingredients are contained in IMAN Cosmetics products?

Are the IMAN Cosmetics products tested on animals?

Are the IMAN Cosmetics products tested for safety for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin?


Where are IMAN Cosmetics sold?

I used to buy my IMAN Cosmetics products at JCPenney, at a mall kiosk or via a direct selling representative. Are these options no longer available?

Are the IMAN Cosmetics products that I used to buy in other venues the same as the IMAN Cosmetics products available now?


How can I become an IMAN Cosmetics model?

How can I sell or distribute IMAN Cosmetics products?

Who is IMAN Cosmetics owned by?


How do I check the status of my order?

What shipping options are available?

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Do you ship to post office boxes?

Do you ship outside the United States?


What is the return policy?